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What You Should Do Instead of Dieting

A ‘diet’ is always viewed as a short-term solution. A painful experience that must be endured in order to meet a weight-loss goal, usually in time for a significant occasion such as your own or your children’s wedding. We return to normal eating after that, with a sigh of relief that it’s finished. The weight is back where it was in what seems like no time at all, especially if a holiday is involved, and you question if it was worth it.

Diets, in reality, teach us to “live on less,” thus regular food is suddenly far too much. Many people have achieved their desired weight and then discovered that they cannot stop eating without gaining it back. They’re stuck in a cycle of half-starvation and sorrow. Their entire existence revolves around how much food they can consume, and when they do, which is always, eat as if it were an Olympic event.

The solution is simple: eat somewhat less during the day. It might be a little slower than you’d want, but it works, and it’s not only for Christmas or weddings.

If you cut the fat content of your “regular” meal, you’ll be able to eat a lot more other things and won’t feel hungry. You will consume fewer calories without consuming fewer calories. It’s simple to stay fat-free. Dairy fats and margarine are obvious targets. Spread butter or margarine thinly, buy fat-free spreads, or do without all. It’s OK for sandwiches with lettuce and tomato to provide moisture, but I’d prefer to have something other than jam on my toast. Before cooking, trim the fat from your meat and bacon.

Start with semi-skimmed milk and work your way up to fully skimmed. Ignore the somewhat grey color and enjoy the higher calcium and nutrient content compared to the oily non-skimmed version. Vegetarians should be aware that many vegetable-based goods might contain as much fat as meat-based products. Biscuits have a high-fat content, normally approximately 25%, but can be substantially higher if chocolate is included. The trouble with biscuits is that you may easily consume a significant portion of your daily calorie intake without feeling like you’ve eaten more than a few mouthfuls. Instead of a snack, try some fruit or low-fat yogurt.