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The Dietary Guidelines

People in the Australian state of Victoria are being warned about the hazards of fad diets by the state government, which has launched a campaign. We think this is the first campaign of its sort.
The Australian government is worried that more and more individuals are putting their health and financial well-being at risk by following fad diets, which are second only to the US in obesity and weight loss spending. The warning effort appears to be aimed toward extreme low-carb diets like Atkins and severe deprivation diets like the Cabbage-Soup-Diet.

Warnings from politicians are not often accompanied by recommendations on how to improve your health and reduce weight. In addition to being useless, certain broad statements on calorie reduction go against recent scientific data, which shows that most obese people actually consume less food than those who are normal weight.

Politicians worry that any scientific advice to restrict sugar and sweets consumption might backfire since the companies that provide these goods have powerful lobbying groups and can potentially sway key votes. Instead of describing how to use something, warnings on packaging tell you what not to do, which is annoying for the average customer.

Furthermore, there is no scientific consensus on why we gain weight and how to reverse it. Contrary to popular belief, the strong food-producing corporations can easily pay twice as much study to prove that hormone imbalance and the foods that cause it are not to blame. Science has become a little like the legal profession in that it is willing to show whatever you want to believe is true if you have the money.

We can not get an answer to any of our inquiries about life by looking up to the politicians.