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On a Diet Only for Five Minutes – Am I Getting Any Thinner?

When Instant Results Take Time

I resolved to “get back in shape” yesterday, and I’m already looking in the mirror to see whether I’ve improved. Does this ring a bell? Why should weight loss take so long when everything else is available instantaneously, from microwave foods to pay-per-view television?

People had to select what to prepare for supper in the morning before microwave ovens since thawing meat took all day. Most individuals nowadays don’t even consider what they’ll have for supper until 20 minutes before they want to eat.

You Didn't Gain it Overnight, You Won't Lose it Overnight Either

Consider how long it took you to obtain all of your excess weight or how long you’ve been overweight. Relax in it’s been a long time. You’re not going to get rid of everything in a few days. Allow yourself time to transform into a new shape. Have you always been overweight and now hope to lose weight in a couple of weeks? Have you struggled with emotional disorders from childhood, yet now believe that a day or two of work should suffice? Give yourself a break since it takes time to adapt.

Accept that it will take some time, take a deep breath, and relax. Even if you’re in a hurry, each minute, hour, day, and a week goes as quickly as the one before it. Whether you make a change or not, time passes. Why not make a change and observe how you grow fitter as time goes on?

Every Monday comes around faster than it ever has before. A week has passed. Did you make any progress toward your weight-loss goal during that week, or did you put it off once more? Have you ever started a Monday with zeal only to have it go by Wednesday?

You may finally put an end to your underlying fears about how long it will take if you employ EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to focus on the emotional difficulties.

For the questions “How Long Will This Take?” and “Why is this taking so long?” here are some EFT recommendations.

  • “Even though this is taking too long, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  • “Even though I wish the weight was gone, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  • “Even though I can’t wait for results, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  • “Even though I’m sick of this stupid weight, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  • “Even though I want this done and over, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

A round of EFT just takes a minute, so do as many as you need to get your SUD level down to a 2 or below.

Some people quit using EFT because it appears to be too simple, or because they are experiencing fantastic results but something prevents them from continuing. What do you believe the issue could be? Perhaps there will be more problems? Exactly! When you find yourself thinking things like, “Oh, I don’t need to do this anymore,” “This is foolish,” or “This is a waste of time, I’ll never lose the weight so why bother…”, it’s a great moment to utilize EFT to address those limiting beliefs. The same words you used to create the remark will be used while tapping:

  • “Even though I don’t see why I should have to keep doing this, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  • “Even though I think I look silly, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  • “Even though this is stupid and a waste of time, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  • “Even though I’ll never lose this weight, and I don’t know why I bother trying, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Every time you catch yourself in a negative frame of mind, do a round of EFT, and you’ll quickly notice you’re having fewer and fewer of those times.

Are We There Yet?

As if we were cleaning a stain from a treasured sweater, many individuals contact and inquire, “How long would this take?” People, this is life! Start today, and by six months to a year, you might be at your target or far closer than you were previously. Plan to do something every day to move closer to your goals, and gradually move away from the behaviors you’d like to abandon. Over time, little adjustments add up to enormous outcomes.

It may take months to settle long-standing emotional difficulties, but so what? It’s like the 17-year-old who is concerned that medical school would take four years after graduation. “Eight years!” they exclaim. Yes, it seems like a long time, but time passes whether you go to school or not; time passes whether you address your mental issues or not; life happens while we’re busy making other plans, to quote John Lennon. When I got an invitation to my 30-year high school reunion, I realized that my eight-year commitment to medical school didn’t seem so bad after all, especially since I would have finished it 22 years ago.

Make a commitment to allowing yourself a year to attain the goals you desire. Then divide the year into months, weeks, and days, and take each day one at a time. The majority of folks who attend my eight-week course comment on how fast the weeks pass them by, and many request additional time. If you approach it as if you’re in college, you’ll be more motivated to do the daily exercises (homework) and do whatever it takes to receive a passing mark (get a result). It’s up to you to start putting the tools you’ve been given to work. Do it right now. Right now, you deserve to feel great.

  • “Even though I don’t think I deserve to feel good, I deeply and completely accept myself.” (I’m not worthy)
  • “Even though I can’t take this much time all to myself, I deeply and completely accept myself.” (Everyone else comes first)
  • “Even though I’m too busy to do all this, I deeply and completely accept myself.” (I don’t have time – maybe I’ll do it later)

Use EFT on whatever your problems or doubts are, and you’ll discover that as time goes on, your problems will fade away until you’re able to either ask for help (from me or someone else) or help yourself.