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EFT Can Help You Develop Patience When You’re Hungry

Food Cravings: How to Practice Patience

You may try to “plan ahead” during the holidays and parties in order to prevent some of the commotions. It dawned on me last year at Christmas that I had to bring three major dishes to the Christmas Eve meal and that I would have to make the cake the night before.

Baking a cake and then waiting to eat it isn’t something I enjoy doing. If a recipe calls for a cake to sit for eight hours before it’s ready to eat it’s something I usually avoid. An indication that something to work on with EFT is on the way is when you find yourself uttering the word “always” and realize I mentioned I always have a difficult time with this? When that happens, utilize EFT.

The cake has a history of being something I want to have immediately, so having to wait even a day is a pain for me. My favorite desserts to bake are massive three- and four-layer cakes that fill the entire refrigerator and force me to look at nothing but cake every time I open the refrigerator door.

Practicing Patience in Eating

Every day is a good day to exercise patience. When interacting with others, whether strangers or members of one’s own family, self-awareness is essential. The fact that you often cave into cravings for food on the spur of the moment does not obligate you to continue doing so. Practice patience and learn to be more patient in order to prevent the sense of deprivation.

Even if it’s in the refrigerator, a beautifully baked cake tempts me. There is no way for me to resist the temptation even though I know that taking a bite will destroy the display. When I abruptly whip my head erect, as if I’ve heard a ghost say, “Come and grab a slice of cake,” I may be sitting down, minding my own thing. It calls out, “I’m waiting.” “I believe this cake is stupid.”

As long as the cake lasts, I’ll eat at least one slice a day for as long as I can get my hands on it. In addition, there is another reason why I prefer to bake something and take it elsewhere rather than make it at home for my family.

Instead of trying to figure out why I’m so compelled to eat cake, I will use EFT. The Swish Method may also be employed (taught in the Ending Emotional Eating workshop, Session 4).

Try these recommended EFT phrases or come up with your own if you’ve encountered similar problems. is a great resource for general information on learning EFT, as well as worksheets and instructions particular to weight reduction.

EFT for Patience in Eating

Say, for example, while focusing on the P.R. argument,

“In spite of the fact that I’m not meant to eat the cake because it’s for a dinner party tomorrow, I absolutely and utterly embrace myself.”

As a reminder, repeat the phrase three times in a sincere tone.

Using a quick reminder such as “eat cake,” tap the remainder of the face and body spots to complete the procedure. All-day long, you’re thinking about that cake and how much you crave it. To get a strong neuropathway to disrupt, make it as strong a desire as you can (don’t worry about making your cravings greater, it really will do the reverse).

“Despite my aversion to waiting, I’ve decided to give myself the benefit of the doubt.”

Reminder: “I can’t wait.”

“Despite the fact that I despise this waiting and want to slam my face into it right now, I accept and love myself unconditionally.”

Reminder: “I despise having my decisions dictated to me.”

“In spite of the fact that I can’t seem to let go of my desire for anything, I genuinely and unconditionally embrace and love myself and give myself permission to wait.”

Reminder: “It’s impossible to refute the truth of the matter.”

To discover if this works for you, try it out on a meal or beverage that seems to be beckoning you. Avoid being worried that you’ll lose the desire for your favorite meal if that’s what’s holding you back from trying it. That is not going to occur. You may no longer crave it as frequently, but most individuals find that they still love the meal as much as before, they simply no longer feel compelled to eat it. The focus here is on resolving the problem of lack of control. You’re aiming to lessen the urge or drive for something that doesn’t appear to fit inside the realm of reason.

Smile at everyone you come across today, and remember to be patient. Think about a humorous movie you saw or an internal joke you have. Make a good recollection a part of your subconscious, and every time you see someone, grin to yourself as if it were real. People will treat you better, even in busy places, if you surround yourself with a joyful bubble, and this will improve their moods as well.